Short stays in our valley

Homestead Brzov is a simple but comfortable place in a beautifull valley. Suites those who want to stay on a quiet spot with starry nights and the freedom of lots of nature.

Homestead Brzov

This two floor house has 4 bedrooms, a bathroom, 2 toilets and an open kitchen with a living. It is located straight in the nature in its own valley. From the living you walk outside on the deck overlooking our valley.

On our smallholding we have  two houses and several small barns. On the pictures you can see the house with the "white" roof on the left where we live and the house with the orange roof on the right that is for rent. Both houses are oriented away from the yard and have therefor total privacy. 

From the house you look over our meadows into the valley. In the meadows we have 6 horses, a donkey and a white goat. Around our house we have a dog and many cats. You might meet our old border collie who just wander around the place. And if you like (or dare) you can hug Twiggy, our pig.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


In the neighboring village of Kralova is a Hotel with an indoor swimming pool, sauna and an outdoor tennis court. You can make horse rides through the Kralova mountains from the local ranch. Down in Zvolen you can get e-bikes to tour the valley

On the other side, 45 minutes up the hill you find the traditional settlement of Sekier and behind that the Zajezova ecologal centre. Nearby are the historical mining cities of Banska Stiavnica and Banska Bystrica. 

You can reach us with the citybus from Zvolen train and bus station three times a day. By car you can reach us over the highway in under 2 hours from Bratislava. A supermarket you will find on 15 minutes drive in the city of Zvolen.

Most people visit this place because of its beautifull location, privacy, quietness and wilderness. We welcome you for a stay at our place

About your stay

You have access to the whole house. 2 small downstairs rooms we have closed for clean bedding and for cleaning equipment. 

In the house is a sufficient unlimited internet connection for music and films.

In the house is no television. There is downstairs an electrical floorheating. In the rooms are electrical heaters. Downstairs is a firestove for additional cosy heating.

 Electricity costs and our green policy: Electricity is mostly a costs in winter. It is very much depending on the guest how much electricity is used for heating. On average we see mid-winter an electricity usage between 5 and  20 euro per day (0,13 €/kWh), very much depending on your heating profile and how green you would like to be. In the house is a measuring display where you can follow your electricity usage. We ask you kindly to keep cash at hand to even the electricity bill at your departure because we have a lot of nature but no card payment facilities.

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Odoo • Image and Text

A big warning for citypeople

Our place is really in nature, not in/near a village. Our access road might get muddy and then you'll have to park your car at the main road and walk around 400 meters to the house. But when we're at home, we'll help you on arrival or departure with your luggage, or to pull your car out of the mud :).

Around the house you'll find nature, not golfcourse lawns, no flowerperks nor nice paved footpaths!  Here grow also plants like nettle and thistle. We cut the grass once in a while around the house and fireplace but there is plenty of long grass that might even contain ticks.

We have free roaming animals, so please don't mistake goat droppings for chocolate coated raisins! Our cats are not inside city cats, they are farm cats and they eat mice (and the stuff you leave on the table after you have left).

The deck has no fence, this might be not practical for your 3 year old. Keep the doors closed, or you might find a frog in the kitchen (or will it be a prince?). You might find a goat on the deck, looking in through the window for something eatable.

In the evening you might have deer visiting close by, or at night noisy wild pigs that mess-up our meadows next to the house. And there is a bear, but it keeps its distance and therefor not many saw him or her. But you'll hardly find here any muscitos.

Also our place is depending on public electricity service. A heavy storm or heavy snowfall can damage the above ground electricity supply and leave us for a half day without electricity, and than also our waterpump will not work. These nature events rarely happen, but when it happens, you'll need to burn a candel for light and save water. :). 

But besides all these challenges most of our guests love this comfortable spot in nature. So fill up the tank, get your provisions and hit the road for Homestead Brzov.

Ready to relax? 

Contact us and see what available