Hoof 2018

Hoof 2018

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The balancer's goal is to supplement those substances that are missing in hay and grass. and also those, that can't be found in other forage by contained horses

Biological ingredients

Copper and Zinc is better absorbed in organic form. This balancer has quality organic Bioplex Zinv and Copper from Altech 

With extra biotin

30mg v biotine in the daily dose balancer to support the growth of strong hoofs

An essential supplement for stabled and grazing horses

with an emphasis on hoof regeneration

Important warning: the source of hoof problem is usually not only a lack of minerals. Hoof problems can be related to the trimming method used for your horse, the environement where your horse is kept, the meadows your horse is grazing, the amount of excercise or movement your horse gets, the level of stress it has to cope with. All this influences the quality of the hoof material. 

Feeding is the base for all. Without the intake of the needed material, a good hoof cannot be grown. But when the horse has no support from its environment, the horse won't be able to grow a proper hoof.

For solving hoof problems, I advice you to seek professional help. A lot of information you'll also find on our website

Hoof balancer is also benificial for horses with skin problems, horses that want a better coat and to strengthen tendons. This balancer will also have an effect on your horses muscles and even its well being. Off course only in combination with healthy feeding.

Content in  kg:

oxid horečnatý, L-lyzín hydrochlorid, chlorid sodný, Bioplex zinku, DL-metionín, DL-alfa tokoferol acetát, slnečnicový olej, Bioplex medi, D-biotín.

Minerals: horčík 160g, sodík 80g

Trace elements: bioplex zinc - 12000mg, bioplex copper - 3000mg

Aminoacids: lyzín 200g, metionín 50g

Vitamíns: vitamin E 21 735MJ, biotín 600mg

Daily dose per 500kg horse weight: 50g

Content packaging: 1,5 kg or 4,5 kg