A yard full of children

your own private place in a shared space for parents who want their kids to grow up in a natural free environment

Brzov appartments for long-time rent

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Odoo CMS-Ukážkový floating obrázok

Hi! We are Veronika and Jan and we live with our 7 year old son Timo at Brzov. Veronika spents her time working with our 6 horses and a donkey and Jan works at home at his computer. There is a lot of work around the houses like cutting or planting trees, making garden, fixing fences, building a hayshed and so on. 

After 11 years and a 6 years old son, we found out that this place is too big for two people. This place used to be a settlement for 4 families, and that is what it should become again. 4 or 5 families and a yard full of children.

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So we have 3 or 4 appartments available for families with children. Every appartment has its own kitchen, bathroom, living and bedrooms.  The appartments have their own entrance and you can make your own vegetable garden. On the yard is shared space with toys like sandbox, trampoline and swimmingpool. There is an orchard that needs renewal and meadows for your own animals. 

You have privacy in and around your own appartment and views over the meadows around the settlement, and yet you're not alone Children have friends to play and you have a neighbors help on countrylife jobs like cutting wood for the winter.

The philosophy

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Working together

We want to go back to the times when Brzov was a multi family settlement. Together we can bring this place further and plant trees, create that huge slide and make the pond with our own fish.

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Urban countrylife

Brzov is not a farm. Our income is not depending on farm activities. We are actually citypeople enjoying the life in the country. And thats what's Brzov is about. A place to enjoy the life in the country.

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Freedom for children

Brzov is a free, adventourous and stimulating environment for children. Who wants to play with a playstation when outside are the real adventures waiting! Indians attacking!! Tadaaaa!!!

The appartments


We have currently a big house and a romantic cottage. We rent them on Airbnb, but we would prefer neighbors that stay. When you are seriously interested we plan to preform reconstruction to adapt the places to longterm living. Rent would depending on your request, but start around 250 €/month + electricity and wood.

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The main house

C urrently one big familiy house with a kitchen, speiza, washroom, bathroom, dining, living and 4 bedrooms. But reconfigurable to a two family house.

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The cottage

Now a studio but with potential to become a 3+1 when we add an extra room and rooms in the attick.

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The white house

This house is in its original state. Our plan is to reconstruct it in original style. Small windows, a big stove, wooden floors and clay plaster


We are looking for families like us, whit children around the age of 5-12, who would enjoy to live outside. Do you think this might be something for you? Just send us an email and let's see if we can find a match. Our email is or